Passive Candidates

A Passive Candidate is someone who is currently employed and not seeking new employment. They are mainly satisfied with their current employer and is probably too busy to even worry about what’s happening in the job market. Passive Candidates are often more experienced and well-engaged in their careers - virtually all successful senior managers are Passive Candidates. This kind of person is unlikely to see ads and job postings, and thus will never respond to them yet there is huge potential – about two-thirds of the working population can be considered as Passive Candidates.

It stands to reason that if someone is actively looking for a new job, then there are reasons behind it.

  • Is the candidate under threat of losing their job?
  • Have they already lost it?
  • Are they underperforming in their current position?

Active Candidates are easier to attract - placing an ad online will get you numerous CV's from Active Candidates. However, because an Active Candidate is actively looking for a job, finding a good one will put you against substantial competition from all the other companies he/she has applied to. Such people can only be found through time-consuming direct sourcing techniques by people who are knowledgeable and trusted in the industry such as our consultants at Parkwell Human Resources.

Parkwell aims to bring our clients the best possible candidates for their needs, regardless of whether they are an Active or Passive Candidate. However, conducting our typical searches through utilizing our own industry-specific database as well as working through our referral base usually results in a much higher percentage of Passive Candidates for our clients.