Executive Assessment & Psychometrics

Executive Assessment

The Executive Search Process is both an art and a science as opposed to a formulaic process. It’s all about chemistry, matchmaking, assessment and selection. Assessment is a core service that you will receive from Parkwell Human Resources.

The role of Executive assessment is a crucial component of candidate selection. The role of assessment is important in all circumstances especially when supporting significant personnel and leadership decisions. However, it also has a central role to play in executive development and transformational change. Our consultants regularly counsel and advise Boards on the identification, assessment, and development of top corporate leaders. Parkwell has the skills and experience to assist you in these situations.

  •  Parkwell Human Resources utilizes the following key elements for an executive assessment:

  •  Performance Review: We comprehensively assess career records, results and achievements as well as reference checking, and if required academic records.

  •  Behavioural Description Interview: The interviews that we carry out utilise competency-based and behavioural analytical frameworks. We can also integrate Case studies related to the specific requirements if needed.

  •  Psychometric Testing: These tests are scientifically validated tools which offer insights into behaviour, suitable roles and working environments. We recommend the most appropriate ones to the dimensions requiring assessment.

We also use an innovative tool to assess value driven behaviour called the Judgement Index. As opposed to a personality driven psychometric test, the Judgement Index subtly measures the values and capacity for good judgement of an individual or team.  The data provides information that is directly mapped against a role and the qualities of best performers. The results will predict performance, job fit, culture compatibility and risk!

  •  Cultural Alignment: We understand that culture is central to your organisation, especially when it is unique or strongly expressed. We map this culture and assess to which extent the candidate is appropriate.

Many organisations have their own well-built approach to assessment and we respect internal client methodologies. Our consultants will work closely with you to align with your requirements and apply your tools and benchmarks.

To find a consultant to help you with our approach of executive assessment search, please contact us.